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Guest reviews for our Hotel Tyrol in Scena.

Experiences are there to be shared! Not just us, but also guests who will soon be visiting us at Hotel Tyrol in Scena are always happy to receive holiday experience reports. Have fun reading!

Everything about this hotel is as you would want it to be. The hotel is family operated and maintained (or perhaps it would be more accurate to say cared for) to an exceptionally high standard.


Particularly noteworthy is the cleanliness and good, very friendly service.


The very well maintained hotel with a breathtaking view leaves nothing to be desired! Everything has exceeded our expectations!


Very beautifully located hotel, surrounded by fruit trees and with a fabulous view of mountains and surrounding villages.


Everything is just right here, from the food to the facilities, staff, location, rooms - no wishes are left unfulfilled.


Beautiful and gorgeous location, perfect to relax, the pool a dream and food perfect.


You desire - we offer much and more inclusive.

Tyrol inclusive services

As you make your bed so you must lie? Exactly! You'll have a wonderful night's sleep with us!

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