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Plan a holiday

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Time-out at Hotel Tyrol in Scena

What do you want to experience in the future? Whatever: we think a nice holiday at the gourmet hotel Tyrol in Scena definitely belongs on your bucket list as well. Why? We have a few reasons - 50, actually! We are a meeting place for those who have style, love nature, indulge in pleasure and are passionate about wellness - just like us. The panoramic location with an amazing view couldn't be better, after all you are staying right in the middle of an extremely popular hiking paradise and at the same time very close to the enchanting spa town of Merano. What else is there to wait for? Put your wish on the to-do list and dive into the fun!

Just sit back and relax, splash around and sweat.

Pure relaxation

So cosy, you would love to sleep on in the morning.

Sleep well

Once you step over the threshold, bang: a new favourite place.

Absolutely thrilled with Hotel Tyrol

Dining out is your favourite hobby? We have something for you.

Refined culinary dreams

Stories are a great thing. We'll tell you our own.

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