General weather

North-westerly upper level flow will determine the weather conditions.

The weather today

Cloudy sky in the morning. During the course of the day some sunny spells can be possible in the West and North. North foehn in the northern valleys.

Mountain weather today

Many clouds with some sunny spells in the western and northern mountains. Light snowfall can be possible along the main alpine crest in the evening.

Temperature at 3000m: -11 °C

Temperature at 2000m: -4 °C

Temperature at 1500m: 0 °C

Good weather conditions hiking Hotel in Schenna, Merano


General weather

High pressure conditions and northerly upper level flow will bring stable conditions.

The weather tomorrow

Sunny weather with some residual clouds in the morning.

Mountain weather tomorrow

Sunny weather. Residual clouds along the main alpine will dissolve. Strong and cold North wind.

Temperature at 3000m: -15 °C

Temperature at 2000m: -9 °C

Temperature at 800m: 0 °C

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04. December 2021

4 °C / -14 °C

Very cloudy


05. December 2021

5 °C / -6 °C



06. December 2021

6 °C / -9 °C