General weather

Weather improvement, the low pressure system will move eastwards.

The weather today

Dry and sunny conditions in the western parts in the afternoon. Unstable weather with light snow fall in the Dolomites. Everywhere dry in the following night.

Mountain weather today

Dry conditions and increasingly sunny on the western mountains in the afternoon. Towards the east, precipitations will stop in the evening.

Temperature at 3000m: -9 °C

Temperature at 2000m: -5 °C

Temperature at 1200m: 0 °C

Good weather conditions hiking Hotel in Schenna, Merano


General weather

High pressure conditions.

The weather tomorrow

Mostly sunny weather with some morning fog in the valley of Pustertal. Clouds will increase in the evening with new precipitations in the night.

Mountain weather tomorrow

Mostly clear sky on the mountains, in the evening clouds will increase.

Temperature at 3000m: -8 °C

Temperature at 2000m: -4 °C

Temperature at 1300m: 0 °C

Excursions on holiday. Hotel in Schenna, South Tyrol


15. November 2019

6 °C / -1 °C

Dull, sleet


16. November 2019

8 °C / -1 °C

Very cloudy


17. November 2019

9 °C / -2 °C

Dull, sleet