General weather

Dryer and cold air reaches the Alps from North-west.

The weather today

Quite sunny weather with some clouds moving through. Windy in the northern valleys.

Mountain weather today

Quite sunny, but cold and windy conditions on the mountains.

Temperature at 3000m: -15 °C

Temperature at 2000m: -7 °C

Temperature at 1200m: 0 °C

Good weather conditions hiking Hotel in Schenna, Merano


General weather

A weak front reaches the Alps.

The weather tomorrow

Cloudy with some light snow showers along the border to Austria. Some sunny spells in the afternoon in the South-west.

Mountain weather tomorrow

On the mountains in the North and on the Ortler light snow showers. Elsewhere dry but mostly cloudy. Cold northerly winds.

Temperature at 3000m: -18 °C

Temperature at 2000m: -9 °C

Temperature at 700m: 0 °C

Excursions on holiday. Hotel in Schenna, South Tyrol


26. January 2021

4 °C / -14 °C

Partly cloudy


27. January 2021

4 °C / -14 °C

Partly cloudy


28. January 2021

5 °C / -10 °C

Dull, slightly snowfall