General weather

A depression centered over northern Europe will determine the weather in the Alps.

The weather today

Mostly cloudy with some rain showers during the day. Thunderstorms are possible in the evening.

Mountain weather today

Unsettled conditions on the mountains. Mostly cloudy with some rain showers and thunderstorms.

Temperature at 3300m: 0 °C

Temperature at 3000m: 2 °C

Temperature at 2000m: 8 °C

Good weather conditions hiking Hotel in Schenna, Merano


General weather

Low pressure conditions determine the weather.

The weather tomorrow

Overcast. During the day it will begin to rain, especially in the areas Ulten and Passeier. In the evening and during the following night heavy rainfall is possible, also thunderstorms are possible.

Mountain weather tomorrow

Overcast conditions with bad visibility. During the day it will start to rain, heavy rain fall is possible in the following night.

Temperature at 3600m: 0 °C

Temperature at 3000m: 3 °C

Temperature at 2000m: 9 °C

Excursions on holiday. Hotel in Schenna, South Tyrol


05. August 2021

25 °C / 11 °C

Cloudy, moderate rain


06. August 2021

27 °C / 7 °C

Partly cloudy


07. August 2021

27 °C / 10 °C