Spoilt for choice. The surroundings of Meran and its irrigation channel paths

Guests at Hotel Tyrol are spoilt for choice when it comes to which old path to choose to follow: The Vinschgau and Passeier valleys or Marling feature 'Waalwege', the old paths along irrigation channels – all easily reachable in a short time from Schenna. The time it takes to walk them varies, but they are all an equally enjoyable natural experience.

Once upon a time numerous water courses have been built in Merano and environs, which originally had the purpose to irrigate the surrounding fields. Little paths have been built along these channels, in German called “Waale”. Today these paths represent tranquil hiking trails, perfect for a pleasant walk the whole year round. Explore the surroundings along these paths!

Rifiano Waalweg path, hiking holidays in South Tyrol

Rifiano Waalweg path

From the centre of Rifiano at 500 m asl, we walk up the Via Hohlgasse, leading across the apple orchards, following the “Waalweg“ signpost up to 600 m asl, where the Rifiano Waalweg trail stretches. We walk towards north, at the edge of the vineyards and fruit orchards. A great view of Rifiano, along the foot of the Monte Scena, opposite the Val Passiria with the villages of Verdines and Scena.

Then we proceed across the broadleaf forest. When we come upon the trail n°5 (to Rifiano), we walk down to the village and we reach the beautiful Madonna Addolorata pilgrimage church, built in Baroque construction style. This style is best reflected by the steeple and the altar in the interior. On the trail “Kirchweg” with its stations of the cross that were installed about 50 years ago, we walk back to our starting point.

Walking time

ca. 2,5 hours

Marlengo Waalweg path, hiking holiday in Hotel Tyrol

Marlengo Waalweg path

Like the Caines Waalweg path, also the Marlengo Waalweg path passes along an original irrigation canal, which has been built to water the cultivated meadows and fields. There is hardly no altitude difference to overcome in this walk and this is why it is perfect for a hike with your family, also with kids. Featuring a lenght of 12 km it is also the longest “Waalweg” in South Tyrol. It starts at Tel and snakes its way above Foresta, Marlengo and Cermes and it ends at Lana.

Along this impressive path you can stop whenever you want to, as there are numerous taverns perfect for a stop. Furthermore some interesting sights are waiting for you, one of which is Monteleone Castle located above Cermes. The Waalweg of Marlengo takes you across chestnut forests and sunny vineyards. Moreover a recently established Hiking Adventure path provides useful information about the eco system forest. The Marlengo Waalweg path is walkable the whole year round. We wish you a pleasant walk.

Walking time

2 - 2,5 hours

Parcines Waalweg path, hiking in South Tyrol, Italy

Parcines Waalweg path

The Parcines Waalweg path starts a half-hour walk from the centre of Parcines. We start in the centre of the village and walk along the road “Sonnenbergstrasse” over the pending bridge to the farm Winklerhof. In increasing gradient, the path n° 1 takes you to Salten, where whe trail actually starts.

The irrigation canal, along which the Waalweg snakes, still today serves the purpose of irrigating the fields and surrounding orchards, as also its original purpose was. The trail takes you past Postal and ends at the tavern Niedermair in the locality of Veritgen. For returning take the same way back or walk back on path n° 10B and later 7A, leading to Parcines.

Walking time

ca. 4 hours


400 m