Amidst a blaze of color - bright autumn walks in the area around Hotel Tyrol

Whether in the mountains around Meran or down in the valley, the countryside around Hotel Tyrol displays its finest colours in autumn. To enjoy this, you don't even have to go far away from Schenna, as there are lots of hiking paths nearby: whether up to Vigiljoch, or near Naturns in the valley – Hotel Tyrol offers its guests relaxing autumnal walks.

Mediation walk in South Tyrol, vacation in Schenna

Meditation Walk

Naturno (554 m) - Sports field- Unterschwarzplatz (774 m) - Sports field- Naturno

Walking from the village centre, take the Bahnhofstraße to the Naturnser Sportplatz and continue on upwards to the beginning of the Jesus Besinnungsweg or Meditation Walk, a kind of pilgrims' path with 15 stations-of-the-cross. A great way to see more of the beauty of the surrounding countryside and marvel at the glories of nature which God created.

Another option for hikers who prefer a longer walk is to take the path leading up from the Kreuzigung station to the farmhouse at Unterschwarzplatz and then path no. 11 to the Gsindboden with its viewing platform. Stop for a moment here to admire the lovely panorama and fine views of the Vinschgau valley and up into the Schnalstal, the Senales valley, to the place where Ötzi, the Ice Man, was found, fascinating Juval Castle where world-famous mountaineer Reinhold Messner and his family live or downwards towards the charming, ancient little valley church dedicated to St. Procolo.

The return walk leads over the Tschirlander Heide and through the hamlet of Tschirland back to Naturno or past the Haslhof farm to Tabland then on through Tschirland to Naturno.

Walking time

2 hours


214 m

Rest Stop


Hiking tour on the Monte S. Vigilio in South Tyrol, Italy

Monte S. Vigilio

The car-free mountain of Lana, Monte S. Vigilio, with its magnificent views over the Val d'Adige/Etschtal Valley to the Catinaccio/Rosengarten mountain of the Dolomites is a true natural paradise, and can be reached by cable car in 7 minutes. If you want to hike or take a mountain bike tour here in the summer, you can easily leave your car behind, as the cable car leaves every ten minutes to the mountain station at 1,486 m altitude. Right next to the mountain station is the starting point for the Monte S. Vigilio hiking trails, which lead with a slight ascent through extensive larch forests up to the forest lake of "Schwarze Lacke", and from there to the Monte S. Vigilio Church (1,793 m), one of Tyrol’s highest mountain sanctuaries with valuable 14th century frescoes. Another trail leads to Bagni dell'Orso/Bärenbad, where healing mineral water springs have their source.

Walking time

ca. 2,5 hours

Hike on the Sonnenberg in South Tyrol, Hotel Tyrol

Hike on the Sonnenberg

Naturno (554 m) - Schlossweg - towards Schwalbennest - sign-post no. 10 - Unterstell(1.282 m) - Patleid (1.386 m) - Lint (1.464 m) - Innerforch (1.470 m) - Galmein (1.384 m) - Grub (1.377 m) - sign-post no. 6 - Naturno

Take the Schlossweg path, then turn towards Schwalbennest and walk on past the small cable-car at sign-post no.10 to Höfl and Unterstell or, if you prefer, take the Sonnenberg cable-car up to the Unterstell farm. Walk on upwards along path no. 10A and no. 10 to reach Patleid and further up to Lint. Then turn right and go on up path no. 24, the Meraner Höhenweg, to reach Innerforch, Galmein and Grub.

The farmhouses which line this particular walk are just a few of the fifty-six mountain farms to be found in the Naturno area. Most of them are working farms as well as Jausenstation or Gasthof, places where you can get food or drink along the way and even a bed for the night. These farms offer guests the opportunity to see how their owners live and work. Perhaps you'd like to watch the farmer's wife bake bread, help with the hay-making or learn how to mill your own flour. The farmers' families make their visitors very welcome and are pleased to answer any questions you might want to ask. And, when you're ready, simply take path no. 6 from the Grubhof farm back down to Naturno.

Walking time

ca. 4,5 hours


130 m

Rest Stop

Winklerhof, Weinberghof, in Rabland, in Plaus