On two wheels through Meraner Land

On your pedals, get set, go! The atmosphere has quite another effect when you're on two wheels. The airstream gently strokes your face, the wheels cling to the ground and glide through the untamed, lush countryside like on rails. Whether climbing up a steep hill, or pedalling leisurely along the valley. Hotel Tyrol is happy to advise guests about possible tours and give tips and suggestions for the next bike trip into Meraner Land and surroundings. There's enough space in the garage to store bikes, if need be.

Exploring South Tyrol and its holiday regions by bicycle is truly a unique way to make holidays! Both children and adults can enjoy the beautiful nature and wonderful villages in the valleys of South Tyrol.

Cycling holiday in South Tyrol. Hotel Tyrol in Schenna
Mountain biking in South Tyrol. Cycling holiday Schenna
Mountain biking in Meran and environs, Hotel in Schenna
Cycling tours in South Tyrol. Holiday Hotel in Schenna
Cycling holiday in South Tyrol. Hotel in Schenna