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South Tyrol is the home of wine. Hotel Tyrol in Schenna shows its guests where they can best experience the wine culture of South Tyrol. It's not just in Meraner Land, but in the South of South Tyrol, too, that grapes are made into delicious wine – find out here where you can find the best wine estates and the best wine.

Winery Kränzelhof in Lana, holiday in the Hotel Tyrol

Winery Kränzelhof

Winery Kränzel
Via Padale 1
I-39010 Cermes
Tel. +39 0473 56 45 49
Fax +39 0473 55 48 06 

The first historical mention of a vineyard in Cermes can be traced as far back as 1182, linked to a charitable donation to the Fuessen Monastery in Bavaria. Around 400 years ago, viticulture and wine were the main source of commerce in Cermes and the surrounding region. At Kränzelhof, the oldest historical records in our possession date back to 1350. The old residence, the huge ancient traditional wine press in the vaulted cellar as well as commercial documents and correspondence dating back to 1577, are further proof of a very old wine tradition. The loosely structured moranic soils which originated due to glacial activity play a key role in the quality of our wines. Our grapes are grown in relatively poor soils, but we take great care to ensure that the vineyards are not stressed, encouraging the development of an intense flavour profile. No herbicides or fertilizers are used. Yields are reduced and controlled through a series of intricate manual activities, involving leaf removal, spur pruning and bunch thinning. Various grasses, field and meadow flowers as well as insects and birds contribute to a healthy, balanced and sustainable environment in the vineyards. The end result is wines which are savoury in style, full-bodied with a lively acidity and a remarkable capacity for ageing. Our first concern is to achieve healthy and robust grapes. We strive to craft wines which are individual in character, true to the vintage, reflecting a strong sense of place and providing pleasure and enjoyment to all who drink them.

We achieve this through minimalist intervention in the cellar. We also take great care to ensure yields are controlled, drawing on gathered experiences over many previous vintages. Ultimately we rely on our own sensory evaluation to decide what goes into bottle. We recognize the positive forces to be found in great authentic wines and this drives all that we do in both the vineyards and the cellar. The estate is a member of both the Association of South Tyrol Quality Wine Estates and the Independent Wine Growers of South Tyrol.

Winery of the castle Rametz in Meran, South Tyrol

Winery of Rametz Castle

Winery of Rametz Castle
Via Labers 4
39012 Merano (BZ)
Tel.+39 0473 211 011
Fax +39 0473 211 015

This historic seat is listed as far back as 1227, as being a significant witness to the wine culture of this area. Around 1860, the most noble grapes, such as Rheinriesling, Blauburgunder, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon had found an excellent breeding ground. The special position of these lovingly attended Gujot vineyards, leads to extremely high-quality grapes which, due to state-of-the-art cellar technology, are fermented to become our prize-winning wines. The wine-growing estate is situated on a hill formed by glacial deposits. Its porous soil and the openness of the Merano basin provide ideal conditions for wine production. The climate here benefits from a Mediterranean influence: in the North the Merano basin is protected from the harsh northerly winds by the Texel mountain range with its peaks reaching up to 3.000 m – in the South it opens up to the sun. As a result of this exceptional position the Guyot vines, which are tended with loving care, produce first-rate grapes which, in turn, by means of the most modern cellar technology develop into top quality wines.

The vines are planted in rows across the slopes, rising in terraces. They are fastened to stakes which are made exclusively from weather-proof chestnut wood. Conscious of a deep obligation to tradition, the present owners do not tolerate concrete pillars – used to a considerable extent elsewhere – in the Castle vineyards. In the typical pergola system of cultivation the arbour, in the shape of a sunblind, helps to prevent the sun from drying out the soil and thereby the earth can store moisture longer. Approximately 10 hectares of vines under cultivation belong to Rametz Castle.

Winery Leo Forcher in Kastelbell, South Tyrol, Italy

Winery Leo Forcher

Winery Leo Forcher
Via Romana 23
39020 Kastelbell-Tschars
Tel./Fax  (+39) 0473 624 692
Handy: 335/5927008

The Rebhof is headquartered in Galsaun. Galsaun is located in the municipality of Castelbello-Ciardes at an altitude of 600 m fertile soils on sun slopes that provide ideal conditions for the growth of the vines. Intensive care is the basis for the ripening of high-quality grapes that are harvested by professional hand. The variety of grapes is typical of the Val Venosta: Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay for the white wines and Vernatsch, Pinot Noir and Zweigelt for red wines.

Winery Tramin, holiday in the Hotel Tyrol in Schenna

Cantina Tramin

Cantina Tramin
Strada del Vino 144
I-39040 Termeno
Tel. +39 0471 860126
Fax +39 0471 860828 

Our wines, authentic expressions of a unique terroir, are created from grapes grown by our 290 growers, with the pride of knowing that each bottle contains a compendium of philosophy of life and work: rigor, dedication, confidence and creativity. The new headquarters of Cantina Tramin, opened in 2010, expresses these values through an architectural synthesis that unites past and future, wood and iron, glass and cement, transparency and darkness. The awarded project is designed by Tscholl Werner. His plans incorporated the structure of the original cellar as the basis of the new building so as not to take even a meter of land from the vineyards and popular and valuable; because of this sensitivity, his design was chosen over the competitors. The structure blends perfectly with the natural surroundings: this architectural gesture is revealed in a carving that evokes the form and color of Termeno’s vineyards, and draws a sharp contrast with the landscape to offer a new understanding of the region.When viewed from the outside the building is striking for its curves; the inside of the space is a thorough, thought-through winery with areas reserved for cellar workers and for the pleasure of visitors. From the main building extend two long green wings running to the enoteca and tasting room, a luminated glass bubble suspended between heaven and earth that allows visitors to experience every sense of Termeno. Literally overlooking this green and blue part of Südtirol - Alto Adige, while lifting a glass of Gewürtraminer to your lips, do not be surprised to hear the song of the wine, or fall in love with the panoramic view of the foothills, while almost touching the fragrant orchards and plump grapes of our vineyards.

In our tasting room, you can enjoy the entire available collection of our wines, the architecture and take part in guided tours of the winery, to be booked directly at our reception, by phone or by mail. If you wish to purchase wines on site, we will be happy to assist you. However, you will need to take your purchases with you, as we do not ship wine directly. To find our wines near you, please write or call us and we will send you the names and addresses of shops that distribute our labels in your area.