General weather

Weak high pressure conditions will determine the weather.

The weather today

Low stratus clouds over most of the valleys which will only slowly break up. Elsewhere sunny weather with harmless clouds.

Mountain weather today

Mainly sunny weather with some cirrus clouds on the higher mountains. Below the visibility will be reduced due to low stratus clouds.

Temperature at 3000m: 0 °C

Temperature at 2200m: 0 °C

Temperature at 2000m: 1 °C

Good weather conditions hiking Hotel in Schenna, Merano


General weather

Weak high pressure conditions.

The weather tomorrow

Partly sunny weather with some clouds passing during the course of the day.

Mountain weather tomorrow

Good and sunny weather conditions on the mountains. Some clouds will pass over the tops.

Temperature at 3000m: -2 °C

Temperature at 2500m: 0 °C

Temperature at 2000m: 2 °C

Excursions on holiday. Hotel in Schenna, South Tyrol


25. November 2017

7 °C / -3 °C

Dull, sleet


26. November 2017

9 °C / -6 °C

Partly cloudy


27. November 2017

6 °C / -10 °C

Partly cloudy